a month

A gift of £10 a month

for a year could fund a specialist app to help someone with MND continue to communicate.


a month

A gift of £15 a month

for a year could provide vital support information packs to 18 people newly diagnosed with MND.


a month

A gift of £25 a month

for a year could fund lab equipment for six days’ vital research into understanding the causes of MND.



A one-off gift of £50

could help fund MND Support Grants, giving a person with MND more independence.



A one-off gift of £100

could allow us to step up our research, working towards a world free from MND.

Please contact our Treasurer Alastair Sharp to make a donation, else use the PayPal button.

For any donations to MNDA, please specify “West Sussex South” to support our local branch.

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  3. Press the donate button on our page, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions
  4. You can even share across social media to encourage others to as well

It is safe, easy and secure to give with PayPal

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On some occassions we do not receive all of the monies you donate via PayPal as there is a small service charge, e.g. you donate £5.00, and we receive £4.63.

Please do consider Gift Aid