About West Sussex South Branch

The West Sussex Branch ' a welcoming - can do' group

  • Supports families living with MND in this area
  • Raises funds to provide specialized equipment not available form other sources and to make grants towards holidays or transport costs which help improve quality of life
  • Raises awareness of MND among the public, politicians, local health and social care providers and professionals
  • Invests in research to find effective treatments and an eventual cure
  • Holds open meetings regularly

The West Sussex South Branch was launched in 1985 by Len and Peggy Betterton, whose son had died of MND at the age of 31. Starting with a grant of £100 from the Association's National Office the branch has gone from strength to strength and now spends over £30,000 each year on care and support for people in this part of West committee2018Sussex.

In 2005, using a generous legacy, the branch funded a 3 year pioneering accessible respiratory support service for people with MND. This is now being funded, managed and enlarged by NHS Trust.

As part of the MND Association 'family' of over 90 nation wide branches and groups, West Sussex South has always been keen to play its part nationally. Over the years four of its enthusiastic members have been elected to the Association's board of trustees. We are totally committed to the Association's vision of A World Free of MND.